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What is ZQUALS?

It's a fun card game.

Combine cards in your hand to add up to or ZQUALS to the number on a space. Fill as many numbered spaces as you can. Yell "ZQUALS, ZQUALS, ZQUALS" as fast you can to avoid attacks. Add the number on the spaces you fill to your score. Game ends when all the spaces are filled. Highest score wins.

Watch out! If you don't yell "ZQUALS, ZQUALS, ZQUALS" fast enough, you could get attacked. Your points could get cut, or worse, they could get stolen with the dreaded 7 ate 9 Mine! card. Defend yourself with a Hero Zero card, or weep and note the change

in your score!

It's quick to learn, quick to play, and gameplay is different every time!

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Why it's different:

Kids get busy scoring points, unaware that they’re learning number sense, math addition facts, multiplication, division, and strategy during game play!

The more you play, the more you learn. Shhh! Don't tell the kids that.

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Number Sense


Math Addition Facts









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How to play ZQUALS Basic

You're not the reading game rules type? That's ok.

Just watch the videos and get to playing.

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How to play ZQUALS Advanced

Everybody Loves ZQUALS!

"I liked it because you can attack, save,
and it's a fast-paced game
and you've got to say
ZQUALS, ZQUALS, ZQUALS really fast."

Oliver, 10 year old


ZQUALS is available as a boxed game for families to play at home

at the Game Crafter website.

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Click below to purchase the ​print-n-play game at:
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Click below to purchase the ​print-n-play game at:

Get the ZQUALS
Print and Play Game

For classrooms and homeschools from the Teachers Pay Teachers or Gumroad website at the links below. Please note the game is priced higher on TpT because TpT charges more in fees to me as a seller. 

Why I Created ZQUALS

Hey there my name is Reena Ngauv

I created a math game to supplement my child's learning at home. Initially, I created it just to help my youngest daughter master mental math addition facts. Early in 2022 while I was quarantining at home with her I realized I could modify my simple math game and make it more fun while exploring the concepts of subtraction, division, multiplication, and strategy. I've tested my game ZQUALS (pronounced zee-kwals) with kids and adults and it's a hit.


I'm grateful to God for the game inspiration that I received and the incredible journey I've been on learning how to publish a game. I'm proud to share it with you, and I hope it brings some joy to your home or classroom.

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